I am available for paid and pro bono consultancies on general security assessments in Asia, as well more specific security issues, including terrorism, maritime piracy, insurgency, and organized crime. I have provided research and expertise to a number of organizations on security issues, focusing primarily but not exclusively on criminal networks, terrorist threats, and non-traditional security issues in China, the Korean Peninsula, and Southeast Asia. My public engagement has resulted in proprietary research reports, as well as invited presentations at government, nonprofit, and educational institutions in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. For the general public, I have also provided policy commentaries in newspapers and magazines, and have made appearances on television and radio in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Russia, Qatar, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.

Among others, topics I have consulted on include:

  • Future scenarios in the development of East Asian criminal organizations
  • Threat assessments of Southeast Asian terrorist organizations
  • Nuclear proliferation networks
  • National-level political and economic risk factors and trend analysis for organizations operating in Northeast Asian and Southeast Asian countries
  • Difficult business environments
  • Criminal and security threats to companies in Southeast Asia, by sector
  • Risk assessments for specific events and individuals

If you have any interest in my services, please feel free to contact me.


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